Managing your property is now easier than ever

Be the designer of your life, not the worker in it.

The benefits offered to both owners and tenants are primarily time saving and have as their primary purpose the prevention of possible disputes arising from the risks associated with inappropriate contractual relationships.

The services we offer include:

  • Preparing the building for rent;
  • Publishing ads on specialized sites and on our own promotion channels;
  • Procedures for checking and selecting prospective tenants;
  • Presentation of the building to potential tenants;
  • Fulfilling the formalities for signing the lease;
  • Handing over the property to tenants;
  • Elaboration and implementation of rules and procedures for tenants;
  • Collecting rent in the name and on behalf of the beneficiary;
  • Transferring the rent so collected to the beneficiary;
  • Regular inspections of leased areas;
  • Occupy the space with new tenants after they are released;
  • Access to property information through Smart home app.


The property owners have the security of a serious tenant and the receipt of the rent equivalent in due time, while preserving the integrity of the property, and the tenants benefit from a safe investment and comprehensive facility management services.

Time efficiency

From finding tenants, completing rental papers, managing real estate and tracking payments, all these activities take time and energy. By outsourcing, owners have more time to invest in their passions.

Value added to the building

Renting a real estate requires an important decision for both the landlord and the tenant. For both parties, facility management services are a plus added to the real estate, which provides long-term security

Protection of investment

Whether we are talking about the landlord or tenant’s investment, the improvements to the building must be adequately protected. That’s why we guarantee the investment security for both sides and protect it.

Specialized consulting

We offer advice services to capitalize on the maximum potential of the real estate, given the nature of the long-term investment and its profitability.

Transparency in communication

Being the interface between the landlord and the tenant, we ensure that the information is accessible, up-to-date and accurate, always available to both parties involved

Integrated solutions

Property and facility management services tailored to the needs of landlords and tenants, offered as a whole.

You have a vision. We have a solution.