Condominium management

The best way to predict the future
is to create it.


– Peter Drucker

We bring added comfort and safety to the next generation through condominium management services that streamline the management of common spaces for all who live or work in their premises.

Services offered:

  • Managing shared expenses and managing relationships with suppliers;
  • Implementing online programs to manage shared spending;
  • Cleaning services for common areas;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance for installations;
  • Sanitation / pest control;
  • Property security;
  • Consultancy for the owners’ association (regulations, notices, etc.);
  • Maintenance of green areas;
  • Snow clearing;
  • Selective collection of waste;
  • Optional additional packages for apartments (cleaning, plant maintenance, pest control, sanitation);


In addition to our services, we have implemented in residential buildings the Well Building standard, known in the office building sector, focusing on the health, comfort and safety of the tenants at the level.

Energy saving

By providing technical solutions to reduce energy consumption, a lower cost of shared spending on common areas results.

Added comfort

Condominium residents have at their disposal a wide range of related services designed to increase the comfort of the property.


Dedicated security and property protection services provide residents with security for both staff and goods and businesses themselves.

Fault signals

Regardless of their nature, faults occurring in the building are quickly signalled and resolved through a ticketing system.


Computerized accounting, computation and payment of shared expenses brings simplicity, comfort and time to the tenants of the building.

Facility management

Operation and maintenance of the condominium through predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as contract management with service providers.

You have a vision. We have a solution.