Our story

With people, about people

Together we build a healthy and educative environment

Lemonaid founders come from the legal environment, a team of lawyers motivated by the possibility of creating a working and living environment that provides security, time and value. The belief behind this project is that the development of our society is preceded by the awareness of the differences that exist between us and the construction of an accessible and user-friendly system to reconcile these differences.

Being passionate about the dynamics of inter-human relationships and technology, we sought a way through which the two could build the future of property management in Romania. Starting from the idea that time is the most precious asset we have, we propose systematised property management solutions, thus contributing to capitalizing on the individual’s contribution to a harmoniously developed society.

We are going through a period of important (and difficult to understand) changes, with technologies and systems that influence the way we eat, sleep and relate to each other. Now is the time when we need to use these tools to concentrate instead on building a healthy, educative and inspirational environment.


We strongly believe in the importance of inter-personal relationships and we contribute every day to building them in the healthiest possible way.


We are passionate about new and always looking for the best and new solutions for our customers and partners.

How we can help you

You earn more time to invest in your passions and you’re sure your investments are safe.

Real estate rental is a business, not a hobby, and the leased property is an investment that needs to be protected. Full delegation of the real estate management, along with taking over the associated risks, is a time and energy saving for the owner.

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We bring added comfort and safety to the next generation through condominium management services that streamline the management of common spaces for all who live or work in their premises.

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We offer support for the companies, providing rental property sourcing & management services, tailored to changing needs.

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Our Team


Gabriel Olteanu
Property Manager


Raluca Nădăban


Andrei Molnar
Property Manager